Responsible Gaming

Last updated: 19/10/2023

1. Our Responsibility

CasinoTogether understands there’s a fine line between fun and trouble. Our duty of care to the community is to create good vibes, prevent players from losing more than they can afford to, as well as, understand the tools available to remain in control of their gambling habits.

Everything in moderation is good, and that statement couldn’t be more true when it comes to online gaming. We don’t want our players to blur the line between fun and dependency.

Players without moderation can suffer from overspending time and money, otherwise known as compulsive gambling. Players with gambling troubles can often cause tension with their friends and family. Since we care so much about our community, we feel it’s only right to care about your community too!

2. RG Tools 

CasinoTogether has plenty of different tools you can use to help you avoid blurring the lines between fun and trouble. Before you reach boiling point, check out our Responsible Gaming tab and you can control the length and spend of your sessions before beginning.

What tools are available?

  • Deposit limits: Don’t get caught chasing a loss by presetting your deposit caps to limit how much you can deposit over the day, week, and month.
  • Self-exclusion: If you need a break, but can’t stay away, try imposing a self-exclusion period on yourself. This prevents you from being able to log into your account or access any gambling features for a day, a week, or a month.

Limits are only able to be set or removed by the account holder, meaning our team is unable to modify or end any periods set by the player.

3. Stop. Think. Act.

While these tools are readily available to you and the rest of the community, it ultimately is on you whether you utilise them or not. We won’t force players to do anything, as we trust that you know what is best for yourself.

To help make sure you don’t miss any telling signs that it might be time to set up some limits, we encourage you to routinely step back and ask yourself these 5 questions:

  • Has my gambling activity increased or decreased since the previous time?
  • Am I wagering more or less money than previously?
  • Do I hide how much time or money I spend on online casinos?
  • Do I think about online gambling outside of the time I spend playing?
  • Have I hurt any of my relationships or friendships because of gambling?

If you have answered yes more than no to the questions above, it might be the wake up call you need to add some limits to your account or seek some guidance from a professional before it becomes a problem.

4. Community Support

The greatest strength is knowing when you need the help of others.

We want you to know you aren’t alone in this journey, and if you feel you need some support, our team is always here to offer a non-judgmental ear to listen, and can direct you forward to the right help you need.

Feel free to pop up via Live Chat or Email, day or night, as our support is 24/7. We made a vow to keep our community members happy, healthy, and in control.